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【Great rejoicing】LCF Sound and Light intelligent industrial park started!

2019-08-14 16:10:21

A good working environment can make people happy,

It also helps with productivity,

So the planning and construction of industrial park should also become part of the enterprise development strategy!

On August 13, 2004, LCF broke out of this land. Under the 15 years careful guidance of the founder Marry Long,LCF gradually developed and became stronger and stronger. Now LCF is developing better and better,The founder also considered that we should make a big change, so-called “action is better than only thinking”,the stronger will act immediately.After a careful renovation plan of the industrial park, Marry Long led LCF backbone employees to launch starting ceremony of LCF intelligent  industrial park on August 13, 2019.

On the starting ceremony, founder Marry Long was impassioned , she tell us about the company's development process, from 2004 only 200 sqm small workshops, to now more than 40000 sqm brand enterprise, the vivid experience makes eye tears, she said thank you very much for the backbone employees accompany and support for many years, Help the company take off, all the backbone employees are also issued a sincere blessing to LCF , wish LCF better and better, and more innovative in the future!

Then, Ms Marry led the group launch the "knock wall" ceremony, "knock wall" ceremony might seem a little funny, maybe someone will feel hard to understand, but it is a symbol of the successful open of the engineering,  each hammer of the founder and the backbone is a sincere best wishes to intelligent industrial park construction,wish the start of the industrial park construction smoothly!

 We are going to have a new transformation, we will become a different us, we will have more wonderful 15 years!
Thank you for being with us and for your support and trust!

LCF Sound and Light intelligent industrial park, is about to meet with you!

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