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HD Video Full Color LED Wall Panel For Turkey Fashion Shop Advertising

2017-08-03 16:18:36

Last week LCF engineer and sales went to Turkey,assisting the regular customer for their fashion shop advertising led video panels project.LCF’s engineer provided it’s clients full technical training of LED display screens.

Project Overview 

In recent years, with the rapid development of LED display technology, lots of fashion shop take a led video panel for replacement of traditional LCD screens, it’s with various types install, on the wall, behind window as window led display and some at door of the fashion shop like our Turkey customer does. The technologies with high-definition, more brightness and save power than LCD panel.LED display panel becomes one of the essential products in fashion shop advertising. 

一, LED display cabinet installation
This client bought many times for the indoor display P3.91, it’s with high resolution,unit panel of 500mmx1000mm,it save labour cost, easy and fast install a large LED display screens.

二, LED screen software configuration

As we know to make a LED display screen work, it need software to set up customized size led screen and display the advertisement as they want, it make customer more clear about setting up the led display parameters after a week training from LCF’s team.

三, LED display after-sales maintenance
Every led display factory with it’s quality warranty, we provide 2 years quality guaranteed for the spare parts of the led display, LCF’s client learned the reason of common problems and how to fix that damaged of the display modules,power supply,flat cables of screens and etc.

The Turkey customer highly appreciated of this business trip, start a business cooperation with LCF Technology, we provide you full solution for a complete sales.

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