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Stronger the "Dragon Series" , "New Mode" Shared with You!

2019-07-29 17:27:27

On the way to success, a good partner is the key point. As the saying goes, eating alone is never happier than sharing with others. Therefore, a good mode of making money must be based on win-win cooperation. On July 27, 2019, the nationwide tour of Lianchengfa in South China Area officially kicked off. Lianchengfa proposed a brand-new solution to the traditional mode of the stage art leasing industry, which will provide an extreme audio-visual feast for the exhibition audience. Nanning, here we come!

Nanning was in hot weather in July, but it could not resist the enthusiastic yearning for a new mode of stage art leasing. The conference broke through the traditional mode of stage art leasing industry and brought about an unprecedented new ecological mode in this field. Ms. Yuhong Wei, vice president of Lianchengfa, as the representative of Liancheng Technology Co., Ltd, performed a perfect interpretation of the new ecological mode, analyzed the problems from the aspects of products, services, capital investment, cost recovery, etc. and put forward solutions, accurately pointed out the industry pain points of the stage art leasing dealers, and successfully resonated with all industry people.

The continuous hot air pushed the enthusiasm of people at the meeting to a climax. After the speech, they flocked to the booth of Lianchengfa Technology Co., Ltd to try to understand the new mode of "making money". After all, everyone is looking forward to the coming of reform. As the new hope of the stage art leasing industry, the trend who does not want to embrace? Everyone wants to change the status quo. Those who go first will definitely have more hope than others!

At the scene, Lianchengfa brought not only a new ecological mode of stage art leasing, but also "Dragon Series" LED displays specially designed for the stage, such as "Leaping Dragon Series" and "Dragon Art Series" . The audience on the scene were amazed by the technologies of these series. As a stage performance screen, the most difficult work for the staff was the maintenance, while the "Dragon Series" greatly reduced the troubles of the staff from the aspect of protection technology, and the technological design supporting the front maintenance was greatly praised!

Nanning and Shenzhen are strategic partners in the development of South China, though there are some gaps between them. Lianchengfa, which is rooted in Shenzhen, has the obligation to shoulder the important task of leading the development. Here, Lianchengfa shares the best profit-making mode with the wise you and looks forward to working together for a win-win situation! Partners in South China, let's shoulder the flag of South China stage art leasing industry together! Welcome more partners all over the world to join us.

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